To become a Full Member of the Buffalo Troopers M/C Sierra Vista (BTMCSV), the individual must be sponsored by a full member of the BTMCSV in good standing and approved by majority vote of the BTMCSV chapter general membership. In addition, the individual must meet the following requirements:

 1.    Must have a motorcycle license endorsement or obtain a motorcycle license endorsement during the probationary period before approval to Full membership.

 2.    Must own a motorcycle designed for road worthy touring, which is at least 750 ccs.

 3.    Must provide proof of current motorcycle insurance and motorcycle endorsement or license;

 4.    Must voluntary submit to a criminal background check;

 5.    Must not be a member of another motorcycle club or serve in any capacity of such club;

 6.    Must have fulfilled all of the chapter’s one year probationary requirements to be a full member;

 7.    The applicant must be 18 years of age or older, and submit an application for membership to the chapter along with a  $25.00 application fee, which is non-refundable;

 8.    The applicant must have a good reputation for integrity and must not be an active felon or have an active criminal record involving an offense of moral turpitude  or listed on any sex offenders’ list. 


Associate membership is available to all “significant others”, to include wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives, or just friends of the chapter who for whatever reason are not eligible for “Full Membership” status but want to play a role in the chapter’s mission. Associate Members must be  sponsored by a full member of the BTMCSV  in good standing and are subject to a background investigation under the required considerations listed for full members.